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Municipal Directorate of Education Cárdenas

We have a Population Service office that works from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday and Saturday, with telephone 45526224.

The Municipal Director and her department heads attend every Wednesday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm and by the numbers 45521223-45521536-45522645-45523140.

The Human Resources department contracts or serves the population on Mondays and Thursdays all day from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm with telephone 45521032

The economic department 45521536-45522740.

We declare as priorities:

The entity has 87 buildings, 67 of which are educational centers with 2 palaces of pioneers to guarantee vocational training together with educational organizations and centers, including 14 nursery schools, 2 special schools, 26 primary schools, 10 basic secondary schools, 5 pre-university schools, 6 polytechnics and a Children's Home without family protection.

A total enrollment of 23778, Child Circle 1734, Primary 12283, Basic Secondary 4433, special 232, pre-university 1800, in ETP 1950, office 97, adult 1148 and in Course for workers 101, with an average attendance of 98.0, they are Provides Seminternos service to 11265 students with 37 inmates. We graduated in technical education in December 400 students of all specialties. As well as 8 qualified for professional technical education.

Regarding Preventive Work, monitoring has been provided, institutional preventive work groups do not always act in a timely manner with the contribution of group assemblies. The work and support of agencies and organizations such as the FMC and the CDR have been lacking. Students who have failed to comply with school duties, Task Victoria, have been followed up, resolved and ruled, and there is coordinated work with the minors' body.

Optimal use of the workforce.


From a staff of 1,752 teachers, 1,647 places were covered with a total of 105 needs, where we applied 125 alternatives, decreasing by 228 compared to the previous year. The most affected educational levels are Primary, Basic Secondary and Professional Technical Education.

The alternatives that are most used are an increase in the ratio of teachers to children with 30, contracts for 48 hours, and an increase in the teaching load with 32. We have 4 university students in the Educating for Love Project, we also have 41 graduates from training centers which represents a 96.7% permanence.

The average attendance of teaching staff behaved in 98.1%, higher than the previous year, which was 97.0%. The most affected Educational Levels are Early Childhood and Primary.

The inactive not working decreases to 16 in relation to the previous year that behaved in 25, The causes that most affect are 11 Medical Certificates, 4 Leave without pay and 1 (Medical Expertise). The most affected educational level was Primary with 7 inactive.

Comprehensive training of children, adolescents and young people.

The educational institution guaranteed the comprehensive training of children, adolescents and young people through work that showed advances in knowledge, life skills and the development of values, associated with the quality of the different activities carried out, in favor of education for health and sexuality, Labor training, student participation in productive, labor, cultural, artistic activities, Patriotic Education, Civil Defense and the environment.


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