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The IV Ordinary Session of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, which was held on June 21, 1994, approved and / or ratified the following symbols and distinctions of the city of Cárdenas: 131px Cardenas Shield

-The Key to the City.131px Escudo Cardenas
-The Machete of General Carlos María de Rojas, Chief of the Cárdenas Brigade during the War of '95.
-The crab.
-The Shield of the City and Municipality of Cárdenas.




The Municipal Assembly of the Popular Power of Cárdenas delivers the following distinctions: 131px Llave

-Illustrious Son of the City. (He receives a diploma and the replica of the machete from General Carlos M. de Rojas).131px Llave
-Illustrious guest of the City. (He receives a diploma and the Key to the City).
-Cárdenas' adoptive son. (Receives accrediting diploma and the City Shield).
-Outstanding son of Cárdenas. (He receives a diploma and a golden crab).



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